Me, Javi the Frog, enjoying my first micro-beers at Hooligans Multiplaza in Escazu, Costa Rica


Costa Rica Craft Brewing Co.

It's no secret that Ticos like to enjoy a cold beer after a long day. Although locally brewed favorites like Imperial and Pilsen are common in Costa Rican bars and restaurants, the number of craft beers produced here has been a little lacking. However, as microbrewing has become popular around the world, Ticos are catching on and a number of small, independent brewers are producing some of the finest craft beers in Central America. Let's learn more about the newest players on the craft beer scene and their delicious products!

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The Volcano Brewing Company

Nestled amid the stunning rainforests of Arenal, the Volcano Brewing Company is Costa Rica's newest microbrewery. They manufacture a pale ale known as Witch's Rock using a German Biering tank system and artisanal ingredients. The result is a delightfully light yet flavorful ale that's crisp and refreshing.

If you're planning a visit to Arenal, you can enjoy a frosty glass of Witch's Rock at the Volcano Brewing Company's bar, which overlooks Arenal Lake. They may be relative newcomers, but the guys at Volcano Brewing are already making a splash in Costa Rican microbrewing.

Based in Cartago, the Costa Rica Craft Brewing Company is renowned for its product, having secured an international award for its signature Segua Red Ale. Named after a Central American legend, Segua is the ghostly apparition of a scorned Costa Rican woman rumored to wander the highways of Costa Rica at night. She tempts unwary men who have been drinking with her stunning looks before revealing her true, monstrous nature - the skull of a horse with flaming red eyes. The legend serves as a cautionary tale to men who are tempted to stray from their wives after a night on the town. Segua Red Ale won a silver medal in the Patagonian and American Ale category of the Copa Cervezas de América competition in Chile, and this victory helped put Costa Rican craft brewing on the map.

Segua Micro-Beer
Segua Micro-Beer


The microbrewery also produces another beverage known as Libertas. A golden ale with a fuller body than Segua Red, this libation is served ice cold and has a hoppy, refreshing taste. Libertas offers beer aficionados an alternative to the factory produced lagers popular in the country, and has helped establish the Costa Rica Craft Brewing Company as one of the major players in this emerging market.

Javi the Frog & Libertas Micro-Beer
Javi the Frog & Libertas Micro-Beer


Costa Rica Craft Brewing Company proudly use locally sourced ingredients to make their ales, and their international recognition just goes to show that Ticos are getting serious about craft beer. When you're out and about on your travels through Costa Rica, why not stop by one of these breweries for a taste of independent beer at its finest? Even if you are not in Cartago to stop at the Costa Rica Craft Brewing Co you can stop by the many bars they sell the beer at.