We know two things for sure about the rainforests; that it is mysterious, and that it has a lot of plants. The combination of these two makes for some pretty weird, okay, incredibly weird stuff.

Rafflesia Flower also known as Corpse Flower
Rafflesia Flower also known as Corpse Flower

1. Rafflesia

There seems to be a lot of death and corpse related flowers on this list, mostly because they're so weird, am I right?

Among the best of them is the rafflesia flower, another flower that holds the honor of having a pokemon based after it. And like the titanum, it is also known as "corpse flower" for its own fun stench, which apparently attracts beetles by the swarms.

Amorphophallus Titanum Flower
Amorphophallus Titanum aka "corpse flower"

2. Amorphophallus Titanum

You can take one look at that giant flower in the middle, standing like some alien monument, and know that this is flower is in no means not strange. Because it is very strange.

Amorphophallus Titanum, just to start off, is better known by its super cute, cuddly nickname "corpse flower", for the incredibly pungent odor the bloomed flower gives off. But to get weirder, this bloomed flower only gets to be seen a few times in the plant's 40 year life span.

Smell experts actually have broken down exactly what the plant smells like, and has been found to have a lovely combination of limburger cheese, sweaty socks, mothballs, rotting fish, and what do you know, sweet floral scent.

Victoria Amazonica Lily Pads found in the Amazon
Victoria Amazonica Lily Pads found in the Amazon

3. Victoria Amazonica

We know lily pads as those unassuming plants in the still beds of lakes and slow rivers that can hold maybe a frog or conceal the head of a turtle. But what if those same lily pads reached monstrous proportions?

Take a gander at the Victoria Amazonica, native to what else, the crazy Amazon river basin, known to easily hold the weight of a 300 lb. grown man. Picture a standard NFL linebacker hanging out on one of these guys without it shaking a bit.

Jabuticaba Tree & fruit found only in Brazil
Jabuticaba Tree & fruit found only in Brazil

4. Jabuticaba Tree & Fruit

This exotic fruit from Brazil looks like a beetle invasion, but tastes more like grape.

It is so unique, in fact, that a common Brazilian saying of something that is typical of the country as a "jabuticaba", because it only grows in the country.

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Nepenthes also known as Monkey Cups
Nepenthes also known as Monkey Cups

5. Nepenthes

If you're a nerd, you may recognize the shape of this plant as the basis upon a pokemon. For those uninterested in that, there's the fact that this scoop-shaped plant is known as "monkey cups", as little baby rainforest monkeys drink from them occasionally.

Either way, its enchanting and weird, if you discount the fact that its intent is a death trap for large insects and even small birds, who drown in its pool of rainwater.

Durian Fruit
Durian Fruit

6. Durian Fruit

Known by locals as the "king of fruits", its known for its musky, sewer-y odor and spiky, unfriendly appearance. But the fruit itself, according to many, is delightful, with rich custard highly flavored of almonds.

You be the judge.

Bois Dentelle Tree Flowers
Bois Dentelle Tree FlowersPhoto Credit : UNDP

7. Bois Dentelle Trees

As mythical as the strange cloud forests of Mauritius island, off the coast of Africa, stand the last two known Bois Dentelle trees.

Known, or more, not known, for its beautiful fluttering upside-down white flowerheads, the tree has been run to near extinction by alien species.