And you thought cruises were all the same. All these strange examples of commercial cruise ships continue to ask the long-pondered question, "Why simply be weird when you can be weird on a boat?". I think it brings up a valid point.

Saw CruiseSaw CruisePhoto Credit : Germain Lussier


SAW the movie Horror theme cruise

Sadly not as chilling as it might seem, the passengers of this ship simply get to attend Saw-themed parties and meet members of the cast and crew. But who knows what could happen when you're trapped on a boat with the makers of Saw, I don't know if I would want to take my chances.

Heavy Metal Drum SoloHeavy Metal Drum SoloPhoto Credit : TenaciousR

Barge to Hell: Heavy Metal Cruise

"The World's Most Extreme Metal Cruise", although the only one vying for the specific title, definitely lives up to its name, featuring 40 metal bands and over 2,000 crazed fans every year. Not sure if the fire comes with the standard cruise package, but I would be willing to chip in extra for that kind of dazzle.

Star Trek Cruise guestsStar Trek Cruise guestsPhoto Credit :


Guanacaste Escape Adventure Tour
7 Days / 6 Nights
Starting at $779 per person

Trekkie cruise

Trekkie Cruise is exactly as it sounds, and yes, it is as awesome as it sounds. Cruisegoers dress in their favorite trekkie gear, meet actors and key crew members from the show. It allows trekkies to boldly go where cruisegoers had gone a year ago, but it doesn't make it any less fantastic.

Vamps at Sea: A Vampire Cruise

Northern Alaska sees no sunlight for half the year, but it's never been this dark until now. Vamps at Sea features a plethora of mysterious, vampy activities including a Vamps Got Talent Show, and the opportunity to meet Bram Stoker's great-grand-nephew. Sounds like the deal of a lifetime, or perhaps, an after-lifetime.

Running on a Cruise deckRunning on a Cruise deckPhoto Credit : quinnanya

Running on the Water

The dissonance that often haunts many is their desires to go on a cruise, but not give up their training for the marathon they are running in April. Well, be discouraged no longer! Royal Carribean's Allure of the Seas proves that the true allure of the sea is going on a group jog at least twice per day, and then doing late-night running scavenger hunts. The cruise is equipped to the nines with runner's delights, including stretching seminars and professional athletes on board.

Line Dancing on a Princess CruiseLine Dancing on a Princess CruisePhoto Credit : jasperdo

Line Dancers at Sea

You've waited and waited and finally, your prayers have been answered, there is indeed a cruise now devoted strictly to line-dancing through Princess Cruises. Because it is a dance that clearly deserves a weeklong celebration.

Duck Commander CruiseDuck Commander CruisePhoto Credit :


Duck Commander Cruise

The cult following of the show Duck Dynasty goes to absolute new heights with this 4 day cruise with the cast, even attend a cooking class with Miss Kay. In a musical pairing that involves impossible-to-beat randomness, the entire cruise features music from Scotty McCreery, former American Idol winner. I'll bt the entire cruise is just as surreal.

The Barbie Cruise ExperienceThe Barbie Cruise ExperiencePhoto Credit : albedo20


The Premium Barbie Experience

Okay, admittedly this one is for children, but I won't allow everyone to look past the strangeness of a boat made into a live dollhouse for girls. It may be cute and nice to treat your daughter to a solid weekend of Barbie movie nights, Barbie dance classes, and Barbie pink princess beds, but the images of the Barbie-like women that undoubtedly roam the ship just give me vague Stepford robot vibes.