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If you've been following my adventures for a while, you'll know how much I love to get out and enjoy the delicious food in Costa Rica. One of the best places to find top-quality restaurants is the capital of San Jose. A world of flavors from across the globe awaits you in this bustling city, so come with me to discover the best restaurants in San Jose!...[More]
One of my favorite places to visit in Costa Rica is Drake Bay, or Bahia Drake as natives call it. It's a small bay on the north side of Osa Peninsula, and I love going there because I have so many friends that live in Corcovado National Park! This wildlife preserve is about as wild as "wilderness" can get and takes up about the third of the peninsula. The weather in Costa Rica is always perfect, so no matter what time of year you visit you'll be able to experience all this area has to offer, no matter what your preferred mode of travel is...[More]
Nested along the crystal waters of the Caribbean, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in Limon is notably a large tourist destination in Costa Rica. It's not surprising either. The laid-back, tropical lifestyle and diverse residents of this area make any trip one to remember. Even as a frog, I enjoy watching humans frolic along the shorelines - everyone just seems to let their worries fly away here! A lot of people seem to enjoy lying on the beach all afternoon, but when I visit I'm usually up in the trees or near small ponds where I see humans enjoying the plethora of flora and fauna of the area. Just like most areas in Costa Rica, there is almost too much to do, with local activities including horseback riding, jungle adventures, canyoning or zip lining, but most people come here just to kick back and let loose...[More]
You know you're going somewhere special when the only means of transportation is by plane or boat! Although I can travel to Tortuguero much easier than humans, this tiny town in Limon has no roads leading to it. I've heard that getting there is an experience in itself. A boat ride will take you along the Canal de Tortuguero through towering rainforests and vast wetlands. You'll want to keep all eyes and ears open on this journey because Tortuguero is primarily populated by wildlife! When you're planning what to do in Costa Rica, make sure a visit to Tortuguero, Limon, is on the list...[More]
This morning, as I was hopping through the rainforest, the ground began to tremble! It was so loud and scary, that the other animals in the jungle and I didn't know what was going on! Apparently, it was an earthquake, and I overheard the local townsfolk saying that the epicenter was located around 85 miles west of San Jose. So, I did what any tree frog would do - I ran! When I eventually got to the nearest town, the earthquake was all over the news, so I went to find out what was going on...[More]
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