Hiking Trail, South Africa
Hiking Trail, South Africa - Photo Credit: jjay69

1. Drakensburg Traverse, South Africa

Drakensburg, aka “Dragon Mountain” goes on the list of mountains with names that befit them. The path can actually take as many forms as you like, the traverse consists of mostly rolling, untouched wildnerness.

However, there are few ways to achieve access across its totality, which spans from South Africa to Lesotho, without climbing one of these wrought-iron bear traps turned death ladders. Looks fun and neat.

Beautiful sunset at Chirripo Peak
Beautiful sunset at Chirripo Peak

2. Chirripo Peak, Costa Rica

Tackle the highest mountain in Costa Rica, Chirripo National Park will find a wealth of challenges on the varied terrain that pervades the area, particularly during the rainy season (May through November) when many paths may be too slick or flooded to navigate.

Though the region may be challenging, the area's rare mix of flora and fauna make the hike well worth the effort.

Hua Shan Mount, China
Hua Shan Mount, China - Photo Credit: Clint Koehler
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3. Mount Hua Shan, China

Hua is pretty much just universally decided upon as the most dangerous mountain trail ever ever. People all agree.

Actually, its fate might just have been completely sealed after this photo was taken. And this is just the beginning of the trail.

It only gets steeper from here. Because here’s what happens next.

No instruction manual for this one, you’re just gonna go straight up on that plank somehow. Don’t ask me, I have no idea.

Amazing Kalalau Trail on Kauai in Hawaii
Amazing Kalalau Trail on Kauai in Hawaii - Photo Credit: kathrynaaker

4. Kalalau Trail, Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Kalalau gives a lot of mixed signals.

There it is, looking all gorgeous and warm and pretty and nice. And then AAAH FALLING ROCKS. AHHH FLASH FLOOD. AAAHHH CRAAAZY RIP TIDE.

What do you want me to think of you, Kalalau? Do you like me or not?

I don’t even know if Kalalau knows how she feels about all of us being here.

Creepy Caminito del Rey
Creepy Caminito del Rey - Photo Credit: vonKinder

5. Caminito del Rey, Málaga, Spain

Caminito del Rey loosely translates to “little walkway of the King”, and if a little walkway was what the king wanted, then my god was his wish fulfilled.

You can look forward to vertical walkways, terrifying self-doubt, and heat like you’re trapped in the inside of a baked potato skin.

Dangerous Bears on Rovers Run
Dangerous Bears on Rovers Run - Photo Credit : ADF&G

6. Rover’s Run, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Rover’s Run is dangerous for one reason and for one reason only. The trails are average, although the park is large enough to pose a threat of getting lost.

The real reason, however, is much more immediately threatening. Look at that picture. BOOM. That’s FOUR BEARS IN A LINE. Not ONLY is it four brown bears, but it is four bears with some type of strategy going on!

Especially during spring, when the salmon make their swim upstream to mate, you will be faced with higher-than-average odds at meeting a fuzzy lil bud.