When they say "World's Best Cup of Coffee", these guys may actually have a point. Check out these spots around the world that may just hold a candle to the name. They've got the freshest, the most pungent, the ripest, the coffiest. And people recognize.

New York Café in BudapestNew York Café in BudapestPhoto Credit : nicolasschabram

Cafe New York, Budapest, Hungary

If you want your cafes to make you feel like a tiny spec in an infinite universe, try something like the New York Cafe in Budapest. This place is colossal, and is built like a cathedral. In fact, the combination of the great coffee with the grand scenery just may make you feel spiritual.

Espresso Shot at Proud MaryEspresso Shot at Proud MaryPhoto Credit : kodamapixel

Proud Mary, Melbourne, Australia

There's a reason Mary is so proud. Its because her coffee is amazing. The food will cost quite you a few dimes, but it is worth it to experience this rare combination of the famousMelbourne coffee experience combined with such a high end menu and gorgeous cafe. This place is more than coffee, this is about deliciousness being a noun.

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Santa Maria y Valle de Dota, Costa Rica

Santa Maria y Valle de Dota is a sleepy Costa Rican town that turns out some of the absolute best coffee in the world. Costa Rica has been known as the coffee Mecca for a while, but it is most often exported to other countries. Here, at this roadside stand, is where you get the best of the best, minutes away from the source. If you're looking for the best coffee in the world and don't mind an adventure to get there, this is the best place to look.

Relaxing Time at Le Bon CafeRelaxing Time at Le Bon CafePhoto Credit : leboncafe

Le Bon Cafe, Medellin, Colombia

Colombia is another country that is known for its beans, but not for its spectacular cafes . But everything changes with Le Bon Cafe in Medellin. Still the same world-class beans right from the growers, but with the casual, classy cafe setting that brings in the crowds.

Cafe Tortoni Tango, ArgentinaCafe Tortoni Tango, ArgentinaPhoto Credit : MiguelVieira

Cafe Tortoni, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina's oldest coffee shop, it's been hip since the early 1800s. That's as hipster as it gets, man. If you don't order their specialty, chocolate con churros, the ghost of you from the future actually stops you as you leave and slaps you in the face for depriving yourself of life's joys.

Caffe Vita in SeattleCaffe Vita in SeattlePhoto Credit : caffevita

Cafe Vitta, Seattle, United States

Seattle and coffee go hand and cup. But here's the top of the list. And at Cafe Vitta, be prepared for small batches + big flavor. Public brewing school gives you the opportunity of going into further detail about the secret lives of the awesome and caffeinated.

Sitting in hammocks at the Mahika Mano Cafe in Tokyo, JapanSitting in hammocks at the Mahika Mano Cafe in Tokyo, JapanPhoto Credit : RachelH

Mahika Mano Cafe, Tokyo

Japan hasn't been known for its coffee in the past, but is becoming far more popular in recent years with young people. Mahika Mano Cafe, also known as Hammock Cafe, stands out for obvious reasons. Everybody is in hammocks. That's just it. But it's cool and homey and the coffee is excellent, so why not?

Cafe Confeitaria Colombo, Rio de JaneiroCafe Confeitaria Colombo, Rio de JaneiroPhoto Credit : leandrociuffo

Cafe Confeitaria Colombo, Rio de Janeiro

Confeitaria attempts to be a cafe in that old European sense, a place to drink coffee and discuss cultural events like art, world news, and politics. And it all seriousness, it achieves it. One cannot walk in and not feel polished and ready to discuss semiotic theory.

Melbourne CafeMelbourne CafePhoto Credit : jonolist

Melbourne Cafe, Valparaiso, Chile

Considered "The Best Coffee in South America", this small cafe is not as big into the European atmosphere that many South American cafes try to emulate. However, the casual, laid-back seating perfectly emulates the menu. People are there to hang around and enjoy the coffee, not admire the sky-high ceilings and gold-foil crown molding. And the coffee does quite enough to keep them entertained.

Snickarbacken 7 in Stockholm, SwedenSnickarbacken 7 in Stockholm, SwedenPhoto Credit : TyroneWarner

Snickarbacken 7, Stockholm, Sweden

Snickarbacken is more than just a really really cool name. The cafe part is actually just a stand set up in an art gallery, so you know that the inside is going to be absolutely dazzling. You can wander around and look at art for hours. Or you could just sit back in their cafe area and enjoy some the roasted stuff, which is exactly as posh and delicious as you think it would be in an art house.