Boasting miles of stunning coastline on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Costa Rica is the ideal place for tourists to discover incredible underwater worlds on a scuba diving vacation. Thousands of visitors come here every year to dive beneath the crystal clear waters and see the amazing fish and aquatic creatures that inhabit the waters off the coast.

One of the best dive spots in Costa Rica is Cocos Island. Located just off the south west shores of Puntarenas, the island itself is uninhabited, save for one ranger station, but the same cannot be said for the water. Visitors diving off Cocos Island can explore the world beneath the ocean and see all kinds of amazing creatures and underwater landscapes. Hammerhead and whale sharks are among the creatures known to inhabit the waters off Cocos Island, and manta rays are also a common sight.

The best time to visit the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica on a scuba diving vacation is between December and May, as visibility tends to be better during this period. On the Caribbean Coast, August to December are the optimal months for diving.

Other great places to explore the underwater worlds of Costa Rica include the Isla del Cano, which is widely considered to be one of the best diving locations in the country. Located around 10 miles due west of Marenco, this area boasts incredible reefs and some of the most exotic marine life anywhere in Costa Rica.

Adventurous explorers may want to head to the waters off the southern Caribbean coast of Cahuita to see the shipwrecks in the area. This region's reef, which spans almost 600 hectares, features the wreckage of two ships that can be seen quite clearly in good conditions. Visitors heading to the Isla Uvita, off the coast of the province of Limon, can also see the wreck of the Fenix, a cargo vessel that sank about a mile offshore.

From these enchanting shipwrecks to the miles of reef and exotic marine life, Costa Rica scuba diving expeditions offer tourists the ultimate underwater experience. There are a number of tour companies that rent gear and can take visitors out to the best dive spots, and ambitious travelers can even train to become certified divers with one of Costa Rica's many diving schools.

Scuba diving in Costa Rica could be one of the best ways to explore the fascinating world beneath the waves of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.