Coupled travelers: should you be leaving on a jet plane, hitting the highway or packing light? While planning a couple’s trip, try to stop saying “my way.” The place that you definitely do not want anything to do with. Wherever it is that you always had to go with your family when you were a kid. The place you used to live. The place that you hate the most. This is probably the sole place that your significant other wants to go.

Casa Luna at Finca Luna Nueva Lodge front view, La Fortuna
Casa Luna at Finca Luna Nueva Lodge front view, La Fortuna

Somewhere Affordable

Vacations can get in the way of affording things like purses and tools, so sometimes the most affordable vacation is the right vacation. This amazing Finca Nueva Lodge next to Arenal Volcano (shown above) in Costa Rica starts at $90 per night for a double bungalow, that is affordable!

Happy to be at Ballena National Marine Park
Happy to be at Ballena National Marine Park

Costa Rica

There are other times, however, where you have all the material things you need and you’re ready to spend some money on making some memories. In that case, consider white water rafting, seeing volcanoes, visiting a cloud forest, surfing and browsing national parks in Costa Rica.

Couple having a good time in the beachCouple having a good time in the beachPhoto Credit : johnsheehan17

Guanacaste Escape Adventure Tour
7 Days / 6 Nights
Starting at $779 per person

Wherever they have been telling you they want to go for months.

Are you listening? Can you hear them? They are probably dropping some not-so-subtle hints about how they want to take a vacation and where they want to go.

The Perfect Over Water Bungalow in TahitiThe Perfect Over Water Bungalow in TahitiPhoto Credit : vgm8383


Who doesn’t want to go to Tahiti? If you said "me" then you are a liar. And you’re going to have a hard time keeping up the lie and faking boredom during your trip to paradise.

Couple in a fun ConcertCouple in a fun ConcertPhoto Credit : scoopempire

A Music Tour

If you can agree on what type of music to fangirl and fanboy out about, then you can be faux roadies for your favorite bands.

Lego couple in SpaceLego couple in SpacePhoto Credit : Ed de Quincey

Outer Space

Oh, sorry did you think all these places were attainable? NOPE! But maybe one day….maybe one day…

Couple Watching MoviesCouple Watching MoviesPhoto Credit : mycitymylondon


Consider that your significant other may just want a STAYCATION! Take a few days off work, rent some movies, binge-watch some Netflix…and build a pillow and blanket fort to stay in.