Faith inspires beauty and these beautiful churches and cathedrals of Latin America are the best proof. Check out my list of the arguably top 10 most beautiful churches in Latin America.

People praying inside Cartagos Church  in Costa RicaPeople praying inside Cartago's Church in Costa RicaCartago, Costa Rica

Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles, Costa Rica

This church is located in Cartago, and was built in 1639. It was partially destroyed once in a earthquake but has since been restored. The big deal: Each August, locals and tourist participate in a pilgrimage to the basilica to honor the official patron saint of Costa Rica, the Virgin Mary.

National Vow Basilica, EcuadorNational Vow Basilica, EcuadorPhoto Credit : Gаme of light

Basilica of the National Vow, Ecuador

This church is located in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. This Roman Catholic Church is the largest neo-Gothic basilica in the world. It also remain technically unfinished The big deal: Rumor has it then if the construction ever is completed, we'll see end of days.

Basilica of Our Lady of Altagracia, Dominican RepublicBasilica of Our Lady of Altagracia, Dominican RepublicPhoto Credit : churl

Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Altagracia, Dominican Republic

The architectonic beauty is located in Higuey and was constructed over 17 years, beginning in 1954. It is also known as Basilica of Higuey. The big deal: The Basilica is the most visited in the country.

The Green Church, Buenos AiresThe Green Church, Buenos AiresPhoto Credit : Lucho_G

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The Green Church, Argentina

This parish church in Buenos Aires is also known as "Huerto de Olivos", or "Garden of Olives" or "Church of Jesus in the Garden of Olives" and was consecrated in 1897. The big deal: Did you see the part where it's green? There isn't a lot of information on this church. In this days and age, that in itself is a big deal.

Sagrada Familia Church, UruguaySagrada Familia Church, UruguayPhoto Credit : municipioc

La Sagrada Familia, Uruguay

This Roman Catholic parish was consecrated in 1870 and is a located in Montevideo. The big deal: Gained status as a National Historical Monument in 1975.

Red Metal Church, GreciaRed Metal Church, GreciaGrecia, Costa Rica

Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, Costa Rica

Built in 1890 out of iron, this structure in Grecia is hard to miss. It is bright red, which only adds to the feeling that it is extra special. The big deal: Built. Out. Of. Iron. Suck it, Stark. (And earthquakes.)

Beautiful La Merced Convent in PeruBeautiful La Merced Convent in PeruPhoto Credit : gringaespanola

La Merced Convent, Peru

Established in Cusco in 1536, this church was destroyed then rebuilt in 1675 after an earthquake. The big deal: The church's crypt contains two conquistadors and tis cloisters contain valuable religious art.

San Rafael de Velasco church, BoliviaSan Rafael de Velasco church, BoliviaPhoto Credit : luiscor

San Rafael de Velasco Church, Bolivia

Established in 1721, this Jesuit Mission in Santa Cruz was restored,and the wooden structure has been maintained ever since. The big deal: Its cultural importance was solidified in 1990 when it was declared a World Heritage Site.

Amazing aerial view of Las Lajas CathedralAmazing aerial view of Las Lajas CathedralPhoto Credit : aniara.

Las Lajas Cathedral, Colombia

This cathedral was built over a span of 30 years, over a river gorge on a bridge, to commemorate the image of the Virgin that appeared on the cliff walls. The big deal: Built. On. A. Bridge.

Beautiful Cathedral in MaringaBeautiful Cathedral in MaringaPhoto Credit : mig13

Cathedral of Maringa, Brazil

This cathedral, located in downtown Parana, is a Roman Catholic structure that was completed in 1972 and has a cone shape. The big deal: This church can brag on two points: it is South America's tallest church, and the world 16th tallest.