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Top 10 List Series Posts - Page 4 in Javi the Frog's Travel Blog

When it comes to vacation, kids want something remarkable, active and fun. Here are some fantastic ideas to make your family have the traveling experience that everyone will enjoy and treasure forever...[More]
Thing metal detecting only finds you boring treasure and uninteresting memories? Wrong. These people found the treasure hauls of their lives...[More]
There are some drinks that just scream summer, and sand, and a laid-back lifestyle. These are the drinks of the beach that I love, and that seaside trip would never be complete without them... [More]
We know two things for sure about the rainforest; that it is mysterious, and that it has a lot of plants. The combination of these two makes for some pretty weird, okay, incredibly weird stuff...[More]
When they say "World's Best Cup of Coffee", these guys may actually have a point. Check out these spots around the world that may just hold a candle to the name...[More]
When you want to be involved in a pure cultural experience, there is nothing like witnessing an authentic cultural festival. They can make your vacations remarkable, beautiful, and unique in ways that a cookie-cutter resort stay cannot. Here are a few that are guaranteed fun and welcoming to foreign visitors. As always, when involved in any of these festivals, be respectful of cultural traditions...[More]
Imagine your river exploration trip suddenly went awry when an unexpected current sent you into some rapids. You go under and get separated from the group...[More]
Not everyone can bring spinach dip. Somebody has to be the impressive one at the party, and this year, that person is going to be you. Try something new by trying your hand at these classic recipes from a variety of Latin American countries... [More]
On the lam? Thinking about going somewhere where no one will ever find you? Or just trying to get away from the ordinary hustle and bustle of everyday life by making yourself totally inaccessible to others? Well, it will certainly be a hassle for you to get here in the first place, but other than that, we've got you covered with these eight most remote spots in the world...[More]
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