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Top 10 List Series Posts - Page 3 in Javi the Frog's Travel Blog

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International travel can be an exciting adventure and an opportunity for a person to have new experiences. But it is also a time for individuals and loved ones to grow, teach and learn. Consider these 10 practical, often overlooked, ways that travel can change your life.... [More]
Traveling to a foreign country can be overwhelming, even for a seasoned traveler. It’s easy to get caught up in all the saving, budgeting, planning and packing – and to be stressed out and frazzled before you even touch down.... [More]
There are hundreds of blog posts on how to see Costa Rica so I decided to take a bit of a different angle on this idea and show you things you should NOT do while you are visiting my beautiful country. So without further ado here are 6 tips on how NOT to see Costa Rica... [More]
Latin America offers many beautiful attractions for visitors. Here are five of the hottest adventure spots that you should definitely add to you bucket list... [More]
For those that are planning to travel to Costa Rica, it is important to know the basics of the country before you arrive. Costa Rica is rich in history, diversity and adventure, so you don’t want the little things you don’t know to bog down your trip. Read our Costa Rica wrap-up, and then start planning your trip – your adventure awaits... [More]
While Costa Rica’s total land mass may not be impressive, the amount of different species that occupy that small area is certainly impressive. Those species, including wild cats, monkeys and birds, live in the many different types of forests in Costa Rica; many of which are part of a National Park, reserve or refuge... [More]
Costa Rica will not disappoint any tourist looking to spend a little time in paradise. Costa Rica is a "must-visit" during any Central America trip, and booking your stay at one of this spectacular resorts will ensure you have all the details covered so you can focus on everything that this travel hotspots has to offer... [More]
Disney may be the happiest place on earth, but Costa Rica has many happy places. Take that mouse boy! From nature to technology (or a lack of), and from racing to relaxing, here are 8 places you can visit in Costa Rica if smiling and being generally happy is something that you’re in to... [More]
Towns sometimes outlive their own usefulness, and when they do, it looks freaking awesome. Here are 8 cities that were left to ruin, but it definitely didn't ruin the interesting view...[More]
Costa Rica is beautiful and serene, but there is a dark side. With all the great power of nature comes the great responsibility of being home to some of nature’s most deadly and feared animals and predators. Here are a few to look out for avoid during your visit... [More]
It’s a nice day for a destination wedding. Well, for the couple getting married at least. These wedding destinations might not be as exciting for the guests. Let’s just hope there is an open bar...[More]
Choosing whether to visit Costa Rica or Hawaii can still be a major decision. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably trying to make that decision right now... [More]
There are lots of ways to recharge a stressed brain that will have more permanent effects than a ball that you squeeze to distract you for a few moments. Here are 10 ways to help control your inner Hulk:.. [More]
Remember this 10 tips to maintain love in the air, specially on vacation! ...[More]
The path can actually take as many forms as you like, the traverse consists of mostly rolling, untouched wildnerness. However, there are few ways to achieve access across its totality, which spans from South Africa to Lesotho, without climbing one of these wrought-iron bear traps turned death ladders...[More]
It might be the best part of travel. Yeah, I said that. Here are some of the most popular foods from abroad. I dare you to get to the end and not be drooling... [More]
Faith inspires beauty and these beautiful churches and cathedrals of Latin America are the best proof. Check out my list of the arguably top 10 most beautiful churches in Latin America... [More]
These animals may look cute, but I advise you to look past their cuddly fuzzy coats and little button eyes. What are they doing in a big group like that? What are they talking about? Is it about me?...[More]
Sometimes you find a cool shell at the beach and your day has been made. Well, what if you would've found one of THESE crazy things. The ocean is a place of unexplored beauty and mystery, but at times that mystery gets upped to the next level. All of these are mostly unexplained things that have, in one way or another, wound up found by someone on a beach...[More]
And you thought cruises were all the same. All these strange examples of commercial cruise ships continue to ask the long-pondered question, "Why simply be weird when you can be weird on a boat?...[More]
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