If you’re thinking about or preparing to visit Costa Rica, you probably already have an amazing bucket but you should make room for one more thing: staying at a hotel so unique that you couldn’t find it anywhere else in the world. With its tropical climate and diverse ecosystem, Costa Rica boasts some of the coolest places to stay while on vacation; imagine living in a tree house hotel for a night or a week, or unpacking at your Pacific Ocean surf resort.

All this and more awaits you during your Costa Rica adventure. Check out this list of the top nine most unique hotels in Costa Rica, and see how many you can check off during your vacation.

Amazing Plane-hotel, Costa Verde, Manuel Antonio
Amazing Plane-hotel, Costa Verde, Manuel Antonio

1. 727 Fuselage Home, Manuel Antonio

The 727 Fuselage Home is about as unique as it gets: it’s a real airplane, tucked between treetops. Once you settle in and get used to the fact that you’re in a plane in the trees, you’ll find that it’s a good place for some rest and relaxation. Find your happy place and get lost in thought while gazing out on the waters from the cockpit of the vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe, which used to take world travelers on trips hosted by Avianca Airlines and South Africa Air. Inside the hotel, furnishings are hand-carved and include polished wood decor with two air-conditioned bedrooms. It is located on the edge of the Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Verde area. This hotel gives a whole new meaning to the luxury and exclusivity of first class.

Tree House in Limon
Tree House in Limon - Photo Credit : natureobservatorio

2. Nature Observatory (Tree House), Limón

Going rustic and native doesn’t mean that you have to go without modern amenities. The Nature Observatory is a two-story tropical treehouse that overlooks the Caribbean in Limón. The first level of this extraordinary hotel offers 360-degree views that you can take in while lounging in hammocks or on sofas. If you thought this place couldn’t get any better, you’d be wrong: it is also eco-friendly with solar energy. You can get to the second floor using your own strength to climb the rope, or you can use the solar energy to reel you up.

Aninga Lodge from air, Tortuguero
Aninga Lodge from air, Tortuguero - Photo Credit : Aninga-Lodge

3. Aninga Lodge, Tortuguero

This property is surrounded by canals that offer unique scenery, and it’s a great place to see if you want to visit Tortuguero National Park – one of the world’s most exotic regions. When you stay here, you’ll have access to a spacious room with a private bathroom. There are restaurants on site, so you never have to leave this gorgeous area. Take your meals in the dining room that makes you feel like you are part of the natural jungle that surrounds you. Hire a tour guide to show you around – don’t worry, they are bilingual!

Casa Chameleon, Las Catalinas aerial view
Casa Chameleon, Las Catalinas aerial view

4. Casa Chameleon, Las Catalinas

Some vacations just need to be free of kids, and Casa Chameleon offers that. This retreat offers an adult-only atmosphere for those that need a getaway, and helps guests immerse themselves into the local culture. Guests here can seek adventure, kick back and enjoy the panoramic views that paradise offers, or hang out in the infinity pool to watch the gorgeous sunsets that never get old – as a bonus there is a bar too! This hotel is a quick 45 minutes from the Liberia airport, so it’s as convenient as it is beautiful.

Beautiful Hacienda Altagracia
Beautiful Hacienda Altagracia

5. Hacienda Alta Gracia

If creative dining, immersive pampering and exclusive horseback riding are up your alley, then you need to stay at Hacienda Alta Gracia when you visit Costa Rica. To stay here, you’ll travel to the southern region of the country, into the mountains of Pérez Zeledón. With the natural beauty that Costa Rica is known for, this hotel is great for those looking to have an authentic experience. It is also close to a wildlife bird refuge. Easy to get to by plane or car, you’ll enjoy the journey as much as you enjoy your stay.

Rancho Humo, Guanacaste
Rancho Humo, Guanacaste

6. Rancho Humo, Guanacaste

Costa Rica is known for its commitment to conservation and environmental protection, and because of those efforts, places like Rancho Humo can exist. This private reserve is a quick and easy trip from the popular downtown area in San José, and it’s a place where nature rules. Here, guests will experience several ecosystems and all the wildlife those ecosystems have to offer. The natural surroundings of this safari lodge make it a great choice for those looking to disconnect from the developed world, and also for those looking to test and improve their photography skills.

View at Aguila de Osa Inn
View at Aguila de Osa Inn - Photo Credit : Aguila-Osa-Inn

7. Aguila de Osa Inn, Osa Peninsula

Head to this lodge if you’re looking to stay in a rainforest setting that offers a diverse environment, adventure, luxury, and eco-tourism. Sounds like a tall order, but Aguila de Osa Inn can deliver. The hotel is on a bluff that offers guests breathtaking panoramic views that include both the Drake Bay and the Corcovado National Park. This is a great place to head to if you want indescribably beautiful scenery with private, luxurious accommodations.

Blue Surf Sanctuary at night
Blue Surf Sanctuary at night - Photo Credit : Blue-Surf-Sanctuary

8. Blue Surf Sanctuary, North Puntarenas

While large hotels are great, and offer many accommodations, nothing beats a boutique surf resort like the Blue Surf Sanctuary. This place is so intensely perfect for surfing that Billabong sponsors a surf camp here! The bungalows here are great for family get-togethers in a private oasis. After a day on the water, you can head to the communal area to cook and eat dinner while watching some television. If you need a break from the rough waves, you can rejuvenate with spa services and yoga.

Los Sueños Marriott from air, Playa Herradura
Los Sueños Marriott from air, Playa Herradura

9. Los Sueños Marriott Ocean Golf Resort, Playa Herradura

Wake up, golf like a boss, repeat. Golfers staying at this Spanish colonial-style resort can literally roll out of bed and hit the course to practice their swing. That course isn’t just any course, either, it’s a champion golf course which was designed by top-tier architect Ted Robinson. The beach paradise property features a network of pools, swim-up bars and islands surrounded by gardens.