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I understand that itch to explore, that pull to travel to new places and the excitement of seeing some of nature's most amazing landscapes...[More]
There are seven species of marine, or sea, turtles, and almost all of them are endangered. These ancient sea creatures voyage between land and sea and swim thousands of miles throughout their lives, leaving them vulnerable to a number of threats... [More]
I'll admit it, I'm a little bummed that I didn't get a treehouse to play in as a child. There's just something about them that immediately makes them cooler than any normal house, because, whoa, you're in a tree! Well, now I can have the childhood that I always wanted times a thousand with any of these super swanky, earth-friendly tree palaces that combine the dream paradise of a kid's brain with completely grown-up sophistication. They seem worth checking out...[More]
Do you only feel at home with the Grim Reaper breathing hot air against your neck? Do you believe a vacation should constantly remind you of your own body's fragility? Well, then check out these options for tourists in Central American countries, which may cause the faint of heart to implode upon reading...[More]
Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! If you want to explore Costa Rica with a twist, ATV's are an exhilarating way to see the country off the beaten path, plunging across rivers and up mountainsides. If you've never ridden one before, it's all right because there are instructions at the beginning of each course of the 4 x 4 experience. They can go a whole lot faster than I can leap! For all the places, drivers must be at least 16 years old. Here are the five best places to cruise on ATVs in the country:...[More]
As a frog, I can appreciate this half land, half water ecosystem - it's almost like they are the amphibians of the plant world! Home to monkeys, crabs and local bats, mangroves in Costa Rica are also the preferred habitat of giant palm, vibrant hibiscus and alluring legumes. They are at once an extremely tranquil, yet exciting environment - whenever a tour is headed into a mangrove, I'm always apt to jump in a kayak and enjoy the ride...[More]
Did you ever think you'd be able to go on an African Safari in Costa Rica? I sure didn't! I've seen a lot through my travels in Costa Rica, but this was one of the most surprising and exciting adventures because it was like nothing I had seen. In the dry grasslands of Guanacaste, Africa Mia is the country's only African safari adventure and one of Liberia's biggest hub for Costa Rica tourism. Don't get me wrong, I love the rainforest because it's my home, but the knee-high grasses and wide-open plains are truly a sight to see...[More]
The luxurious Los Suenos Resort in Herradura is easily one of the most stunning Cost Rica all-inclusive resorts I've ever seen! This new complex sits on a 1,100-acre rainforest, but believe me, you're far from roughing it here. During my travels through Costa Rica, I heard a lot about this place so I had to check it out. From high above the tree tops, I could see so much! One of the most impressive features of this community-like resort is its marina. It's actually the only government-sanctioned marina in the country. Boasting 200 wet slips, 100 dry slips and a fuel dock, you could spend your entire trip on the water. One time, I hopped aboard a vessel going out to sport fishing, and let me tell you, it was one of the most spectacular (and scary I'm just a little frog) experiences I've ever had...[More]
Some people come to Costa Rica for the sun-drenched coastlines, but if you're like me, you may be more interested in what's underground! I know what you're thinking - a tree frog that prefers down below to the tree tops? Well, you haven't seen these caves yet! One of my dearest memories of traveling through Costa Rica was when I hopped all the way up the Arenal Volcano and then down into the northern lowlands where the mystical Venado Caves sit. For a little tree frog like me, I can easily hop along the 2,700-meter stretch of limestone to visit some of my friends: crickets, monochrome frogs and spiders! However, humans have to duck through small crevices, repel down waterfalls and squeeze between rock formations trust me, it's like nothing you've ever seen before...[More]
Boasting coastlines on the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica offers you a world of exciting watersports activities. If you're looking to get away from it all during your vacation in Costa Rica, a sailing trip is the perfect way to enjoy the stunning natural beauty of this tropical paradise. With so many ports to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to embarking on a leisurely sailing trip on the open ocean. Come with me to discover the best places to sail in Costa Rica..[More]
Known as one of the wettest parks in Costa Rica, Tapanti-Macizo Cerro de la Muerte National Park spans about 360 square miles along the northern slopes of Cordillera de Talamanca, which sits along the border of Panama and Costa Rica. As a tree frog, this is a great place to hop along because the scenery is so diverse. Hundreds of rivers, including the Orosi River, flow through this park, leading to stunning waterfalls. For me, the thick vegetation and mossy land is perfect, but there is plenty for humans to enjoy here as well...[More]
I may say this all the time, but Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve is one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica! Although I travel all around the country, my froggy heart is in the rainforest and Santa Elena is a unique area because it is actually a cloud forest. This means that the clouds settle into the forest, providing moisture for the plants and animals that live here. I know some humans think fog is creepy, but it's so serene here! If you are walking along the trails of this reserve, you'll notice dangling roots, lush forested areas and - of course - plenty of animals...[More]
Here in Costa Rica, we are one with nature. You may be thinking - "You're a tree frog, of course you're one with nature!" - but even humans are well connected to the scenic beauty of the beaches and forests here. It's not hard. The abundant greenery and peaceful atmosphere of Costa Rica helps melt away the struggles of modern living: doesn't it seem like the perfect place to say "Ohm"? No matter where you're at in Costa Rica, there is likely a studio where you can take your downward dog to the shoreline. Whether you're a novice or a pro yogi, a Costa Rica yoga retreat or class can take your practice - and your vacation - to a whole new level...[More]
It's no secret that there are many different species of animals in Costa Rica - and I've met quite a few of them! One of my favorite animals is the manatee. They are such nice creatures and are incredibly gentle. One time, I hopped on the back of one in Tortuguero National Park and I saw the park like never before! But you don't have to be a small tree frog to swim with the manatees; humans can just as easily go diving or snorkeling alongside these fragile mammals. Even if you're staying in Costa Rica all inclusive resorts, you may want to take a side trip to view these majestic creatures...[More]
What better way to experience the beauty of Costa Rica than from up along the canopies like all the native animals? Zip lining or Canopy Tours as it is often called in Costa Rica is a perfect adventure for humans - but not as easy for frogs like me - because you get to speed through the air high above the treetops! The first time I saw someone on a Superman zip line, I thought it was a large bird flying above! People go whizzing through the sky at high speeds, and get a view of Costa Rica that I'll never get to see...[More]
When it comes to exploring the rugged countryside of Costa Rica, nothing beats a long hike through the rainforest. If you're up for a challenge, and want to enjoy some of the most spectacular views in Costa Rica, why not go hiking through Chirripo National Park?...[More]
One of my favorite places to visit in Costa Rica is Drake Bay, or Bahia Drake as natives call it. It's a small bay on the north side of Osa Peninsula, and I love going there because I have so many friends that live in Corcovado National Park! This wildlife preserve is about as wild as "wilderness" can get and takes up about the third of the peninsula. The weather in Costa Rica is always perfect, so no matter what time of year you visit you'll be able to experience all this area has to offer, no matter what your preferred mode of travel is...[More]
The Costa Rican government takes protecting the environment very seriously. After all, the rainforests that cover much of this small Central American country are home to approximately 5 percent of the world's biodiversity, so it's important that the delicate balance of nature be preserved for future generations. Visitors spending time in Costa Rica can enjoy the stunning natural beauty of this tropical paradise on eco-tourism excursions, and there's no better place to go wild in Costa Rica than the Osa Peninsula in Puntarenas...[More]
The Central Volcanic Cordillera run across central Costa Rica. These towering peaks are part of a volcanic mountain range that was formed millions of years ago, and contain four of the Pacific Ring of Fire's most active volcanoes: Barva, Irazú, Poas and Turrialba. If you want to see Costa Rica from a different perspective, this impressive mountain range offers breathtaking views of the country's Central Valley. Come with me to explore the Central Volcanic Cordillera! ...[More]
No matter what time of the year you are traveling to Costa Rica, the temperate climate usually hovers around 70 to 85 degrees. I know some of my brothers and sisters would like it to be hotter, but these temperatures are just perfect for me! They also make it perfect for any traveler looking to take advantage of the high seas that lap at our coastline, where you can catch a glimpse of native wildlife like dolphins and whales. One of the most popular ways to spend an afternoon on the crystal clear waters is to go sport fishing. There's nothing better than cruising in the warm breeze to spend a day with a pole in hand, right? Not that they make any poles in my size, but it sure seems like it! Depending on the location you are traveling to, you might catch Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Tarpon, Rooster Fish, Rainbow Bass and much more. Although it is very popular in Costa Rica, strict catch-and-release laws make sure that everyone can enjoy the outstanding wildlife and exciting sport of game fishing.....[More]
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